Preparatory School

The Medical University of Warsaw Preparatory School offers a preparation programme for candidates for studies in the English language.  As an alternative, participants can choose the Polish language programme, designed for those international students who need the Polish language for their future studies and career.

  • The 33-week intensive study programme encompasses 759 hours of instruction, including general and academic English, language skills development (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and grammar instruction.
  • Being an IELTS venue, with its qualified instructors, the Preparatory School prepares students for this exam and gives them the opportunity to take the exam on-site.
  • Students’ progress is monitored with the use of tests, quizzes and mock exams, as well as their portfolio which they complete during the programme and which includes written assignments, individual vocabulary study and at least one presentation.
  • Clubs for extracurricular activities related to – among others – writing, speaking or grammar, provide extra knowledge and practice to those who want to revise difficult material or move ahead faster than the curriculum. Instructors can direct a student to attend a certain club, or even require the participation in its activities, if it is necessary for the students’ development.

Courses are taught by our University’s teachers, native speakers and certified instructors, awarded with CELTA.

IMPORTANT: The Centre for Foreign Languages at the Medical University of Warsaw has cancelled application deadlines and announced ongoing recruitment for the Preparatory School course.

Application documents

Every application should consist of the following documents:

- application form, filled in (both in a Word file and in PDF)

- a copy of the candidate’s passport

- a confirmation of the down payment for the course (EUR 500)

- (if needed) a filled in letter of acceptance (it will be signed once the candidate has been enrolled for the course)

All application documents should be sent via email.


For further information please contact: or call: +48 606785511.

IMPORTANT: The Medical University of Warsaw does not cooperate with any language schools, and the Premed College (Medical School Preparation Programme) run by MUW’s Centre for Foreign Languages is the only recommended preparatory course. Admission to the Medical University of Warsaw is based exclusively on the results of the University’s entrance examination.