Helpful Information

Helpful Information

Transportation Information (buses, trams, metro)

  • We recommend that students get a 90 day Warsaw City Travel Card if they are planning to use public transportation regularly.
  • You can get this card for 280 zloty by going to a ZTM Passenger Service center – make sure you bring your passport with you.
  • The most convenient ZTM center is found in the Central Railway Station (Dworzec Centralny) located next to the shopping center Zlote Tarasy.
  • For more information on transportation tickets please visit:

Wifi Information

  • Within the first month you will receive personal username and password to access wifi at the university
  • Make sure that you give us an email that you use regularly so we can create your wifi accounts

Contact Information

Office 128 Centrum Dydaktyczne – Krystyna Luto

  • Questions related to the Premed/Prep School program, teachers, problems, advice, other
  • Email:

Office 129 Centrum Dydaktyczne

  • Document request and collection
  • If you need a document printed go here to fill out a request form
  • You can return to collect the document in 2 days

Office 137 Centrum Dydaktyczne

  • If both office 128 and 129 are closed then come here for help

Faculty of Medicine English Division

  • Questions regarding admission to the medical program in English
  • Anna Lazurek, MA  - admission, transfers (room 614 in Rector’s Building)

                                   Phone +48 22 5720 672



Student Card

  • We cannot give you a student identity card because you are not an official student of the Medical University since you are only part of the preparatory program
  • You receive an official student card when you enter the first year of the Medical University
  • You can receive the International Student Identity Card (ISIC), which will give you discounts in museums, hostels and shops, but not public transport (go to:

Frequently Asked Questions


1)      What is CD?

This is the building Centrum Dydaktyczne, you will have some of your classes here in rooms S1-1, S1-2, S1-3.


2)      What is CBI?

This is the library building. You will have some of your classes here in room 32 CBI. You can find the library and the place to get your books from.


3)      Where can I print something or make copies?

You can print in the small food shop in the Rector’s Building on the ground floor for a small price. You can also print/make copies in Warsaw at public printers typically you can use Google to find one close to you. They are called “Drukarnia”.


4)      Where to go to get student visa/residency card?

Mazowiecki Provincial Office in Warsaw, Department of Foreign Affairs

Address: Marszałkowska 3/5, 00-624 Warszawa


5)      How expensive is living in Poland?

The costs depend on many factors, of course, but the average costs in Warsaw would be as follows:

sharing a flat with other students: EUR 250 - 300 / month

renting a flat alone: EUR 500 / month

pocket money: EUR 250 - 300 / month

transportation: EUR 30 / month (if you buy a 90-day ticket)

Please bear in mind these are only estimated averages.


6)      Does the Centre offer housing or accommodation?

The Centre does not offer housing or accommodation for Premed Program or Preparatory School students. The University has dormitories which are reserved only for Polish students who have financial need and require assistance.


7)      What document do I have to receive from the Centre to be able to apply for a visa?

You must request and receive an “unconditional letter of acceptance” from the Centre in order to apply for a visa.


8)      If I change my mind after transferring the full fee, can I get a refund?

The Course fee (minus the down payment and administrative costs) shall be refunded if the candidate has been refused a Polish visa despite having fulfilled all the conditions necessary to obtain it, and if the refusal is not based on the candidate’s failure to prove their intention to take up and complete the Course. In this case, the candidate should submit, via e-mail, a copy of the written refusal of the relevant Embassy of the Republic of Poland.

The Course fee will be refunded to the account number indicated by the candidate in an appropriate petition. A refund may also be considered in case of serious medical emergencies but this will be considered by the director of the program on an individual case to case basis.

For more information please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Admission on our website.


9)      If I change my mind after transferring the down payment, can I get a refund?

The down payment is absolutely not refundable in any case.


10)  Are all my classes going to be held on campus?

Most classes are held on campus mainly in Centrum Dydaktyczne and the Library building. For the Premed Year 2 there will be anatomy which is held in the center of the city near the central railway station.

[Collegium Anatomicum] Address: Tytusa Chałubińskiego 5, Warszawa


11)  What books do I need and where to get them?

You can get your books from the Library building. Your professors will reserve the books for you. You only need to go to the book rental place (wypożyczalnia) on the first floor of the library building and provide them with your name and passport. They will give you all of your required books.


12)  Do I get a student ID?

For any students in the Preparatory School or Premed College we do not provide student ID cards. Since you are not an official student of the Medical University we cannot legally provide you with an ID. You only receive an ID once you begin your first year in the medical program.


13)  What does the WUM entrance exam look like?

You can find information about the entrance exam on the university website. The syllabus contains topics covered and sample exam questions. Follow the link:


14)  When does the WUM entrance exam typically take place?

The entrance exam normally happens at the end of May each academic year. It is 100 multiple choice questions and lasts 2 hours.

For more specific examination dates please refer to our website.


15)  Can I skip any modules of my course?

It is possible for students with knowledge of Polish to skip the Polish lessons. Your Polish level will be assessed directly by the professor who gives the Polish lesson. Go to them directly in order to determine if you can skip the Polish course. Other modules cannot be skipped even if you are a native or fluent speaker of English.


16)  What happens if I miss too many classes?

If you miss too many classes this may lead to you failing the course. Also, if you have a scholarship from a country which closely monitors your attendance to courses, if you miss too many courses the scholarship may be cancelled. Polish authorities also check admission and attendance during various procedures, and missing too many classes may cause problems regarding your legal stay in Poland.


17)  Do I get a certificate at the end of my course?

You will receive a certificate at the end of the course with the grade received in each separate course.


18)  Where can I get the documents I need from the Centre for my residence card procedures?

Any request for documents should be submitted in room 129 CD. You must go to room 129 CD and fill out the document request form. To collect your documents, come back 2 days later again to room 129 CD.


19)  How much time does it normally take to receive a residence card?

Typically this process takes 3 months but it can take longer in some cases.


20)  Are there any sports we can join?

There may be sports clubs organized by the Polish or English division of Medicine but we do not have direct contact with such organizations. Our best recommendation is to create your own sport group within Premed College or to consider local sport events in Warsaw which are held through Warsaw Social or other individual parties. There are more regular meetings in football which can be found by searching online.


21)  Are there going to be any tests or quizzes during the course?

There will be exams and quizzes in each of your courses. Biology, Chemistry, and Physics typically have several large exams that cover several chapters or topics. All exams and quizzes are decided independently by the professor of each course. You will be tested in all courses.