Premed College

The Medical University of Warsaw Premed College offers a preparation programme for medical school prospective students.

Our Medical School Preparation Programme (MSPP) includes an intensive English language course and a Polish language course followed by biology, anatomy, physics and chemistry preparatory courses.

● Our one-year English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course provides intensive language teaching allowing students to improve their command of English to the level of proficiency required to be successful on the MD programme at the Medical University of Warsaw (IELTS 6.0, TOEFL 90 or TOEIC 700). The course focuses on the four core skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) and academic English as well as study skills for the IELTS (or equivalent) examination.

● Our Polish language course provides 4 hours of tuition per week and prepares students to communicate effectively in basic Polish. We also provide an integration programme.

● Our one-year courses in biology, anatomy, physics and chemistry prepare students to succeed in securing a place on the MD programme.

Courses are taught by our University's teachers and guest subject specialists from beyond the University.


Candidates will be admitted to the second year of Premed College on the basis of their score in IELTS (not less than 6.0) and TOEFL (not less than 90) or TOEIC (not less than 700). Those candidates who do not hold an IELTS, TOEFL or TOEIC certificate, or who have not reached the required score, shall take an entrance examination in English and will be admitted to the first and second year of the programme respectively, on the basis of their results. Candidates with the highest scores will be admitted within the admission limits established for the academic year 2022/2023:


Premed College 1st year 60 course participants

Premed College 2nd year 40 course participants


IMPORTANT: The Centre for Foreign Languages at the Medical University of Warsaw has announced ongoing recruitment for the first and second year of Premed College course beginning in October 2022. 


Application documents

Every application should consist of the following documents:

- application form, filled in (both in a Word file and in PDF)

- a copy of the candidate’s passport

- a confirmation of the down payment for the course (EUR 500)

- (if needed) a filled in letter of acceptance (it will be signed once the candidate has been enrolled for the course)

- for those candidates who would like to start from the second year of the programme and hold an IELTS certificate with the minimum score of 6.0, a TOEFL certificate with the minimum score of 90 or  or a TOEIC certificate with the minimum score of 700 – a copy of the certificate

All application documents should be sent via email.

For further information please contact: or call: +48 606785511.

IMPORTANT: The Medical University of Warsaw does not cooperate with any language schools, and the Premed College (Medical School Preparation Programme) run by MUW’s Centre for Foreign Languages is the only recommended preparatory course. 
Admission to the Medical University of Warsaw is based on the results of the University’s entrance examination and each candidate's previous educational results. The Centre for Foreign Languages does not review university application documents, and does not take part in the university recruitment procedures. All questions related to candidates' eligibility for admission to a university program and university admission requirements should be addressed to the university recruitment office.


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