Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations at Preparatory School of Medical University of Warsaw

1. Preparatory School organizes General English courses which prepare Students for their further education at university.
2. Students earn their credits on the basis of their attendance, tests, assignments and final oral and written exams.
3. After finishing the course all Students receive a Certificate of Graduation with the information about their performance during the whole academic year.
4. Students must attend all classes. In case of being absent they have to make up for the material they have missed after the consultation with their instructor. Being absent for more than 49 hours results in failing the course. Doctor's leaves only are accepted as an excused absence.
5. The programme of the Preparatory School includes the following courses:

- Main Course,
- Use of English,
- Listening and Speaking,
- Reading and Writing,
- Polish.
An academic hour lasts 45 minutes.
6. Students must take all tests and exams organized by their instructors. In case of failure or absence, Students are allowed to attend one retake session.
7. All Students must not be late for their lessons. They must also bring all necessary materials. They are forbidden to bring and make any photocopy books. They must not use their mobile phones or other electronic devices during the lesson unless the teacher instructs them to do so.
8. Cheating and plagiarism are stricly forbidden and will result in failing the course without the possibility of  attending the retake session.
9. All matters not mentioned here will be resolved by the Head of the Centre for Foreign Languages at the Medical University of Warsaw.
10. Students who do not obey the rules and regulations or cause other discipline problems may be expelled from the Preparatory School by the Head of the Centre for Foreing Languages. The course fee will not be refunded.
11. Grading policy:

91%-100% ------ 5  (very good)

86%-90,99% --- 4.5 (good plus)

80%-85,99% --- 4 (good)

70%-79,99% --- 3.5 (satisfactory)

60%-69,99% --- 3 (sufficient)

below 60% ------ 2 (failed)