Module: Pediatric nursing

Module: Pediatric nursing 
Number of hours: 40 (with elements of neonatology)
The aim of the course is to familiarize students with the role of a nurse providing care for a child in the healthcare system. The focus will be on communication between nurses and young patients, their parents and caregivers as well as  nursing care in childhood diseases.
Course outline:
1. Age-specific paediatric life-threatening conditions.
2.Risk factors and health threats to children of different condition and age.
3. Factors determining the child's development. Characteristics of particular development periods. Development assessment methods.
4. Assessment of the child's condition depending on age.
5. Specific and non-specific prophylaxis.
6. Diagnosis in pediatric and neonatal nursing.
7. Child's reactions to illness / hospitalization, taking into account age and health condition.
8. Nursing care in diseases of the digestive, respiratory, hematopoietic, urinary, nervous systems, diabetes, allergic and infectious diseases of childhood - prevention, history taking, problems, purpose and plan of care, health education.
9. Basic and specialist diagnostic tests. Preparing a child for examinations, nursing care during and after the examination.
10. Techniques and procedures used in paediatric nursing.
11. Techniques of communicating with the child depending on age, development and health status. Communicating with parents and the therapeutic team.
12. Properties of drug groups and their effect on systems and organs of a pediatric patient in selected diseases of the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system, the urinary tract, diabetes, the digestive system, allergic diseases, blood diseases, diseases caused by genetic disorders, diseases of the nervous system, neoplasms, ophthalmic diseases and ear diseases depending on age and health conditionwith emphasis on adverse drug events, drug-drug interactions and routes of drug administration.
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