Module: Medical Communication

Module: Medical Communication
Number of hours: 80
The aim of this module is to help students develop key langage skills for effective communication in healthcare. The focus will be on various aspects of professional communication in English, e.g. how to communicate better with English-speaking patients or other healthcare professionals. 
Course outline:
Medical specialties and specialists
Healthcare facilities
Welcoming a patient on admission
Checking a patient’s identity
Describing parts of the body
Using equipment to taking patient observations
Giving instructions to a patient
Taking and recording patient observations
Caring for a patient in Recovery
Returning a patient to the ward
Talking about pain
Checking an IV Prescription
Using IV infusion equipment
Talking about feelings
Showing empathy
Discussing pain relief
Using a Palliative Care Pain Assessment
Telephone skills: managing a patient enquiry
Using patient information leaflets
Describing your nursing role
Describing wounds
Helping a patient with Activities of Daily Living
Managing embarrasing moments
Using a District Nurse Prescription Sheet
Reading medical labels
Discussing a patient’s progress
Helping a patient with meals
Explaining safe swallowing
Reassuring a patient before an unpleasant procedure
Using a Food Chart
Telephone skills: making a referral
Helping a patient with mobility aids
Getting a patient of ouf bed
Using a slide sheet
Using a hoist
Completing a Moving and Handling Assessment
Describing medical imaging equipment
Completing an X-ray Contrast Consent Form
Preparing a patient for Radiology
Telephone skills: making an appointment
Giving directions in the hospital
Doing a blood sugar test
Asking a patient for consent
Describing blood glucose levels
Completing a Personal Diabetes Care Plan
Talking about lifestyle and diabetes
Explaining how to use an insulin pen
Selected topics in health promotion
Cambridge English for Nursing (Pre-intermediate).