Module: Reading&Writing

Module: Reading&Writing
Number of hours: 120
The aim of this module is preparing students for the Reading and Writing components of the International English Language Testing System. The focus will be on exam-preparation tasks as well as well as helping students to develop grammatical accuracy.
Reading skills
1. Structure of a textbook
2. Scanning
3. Prediction
4. Surveying a text
5. Reading for important points
6. Reading for the main idea
7. Reading for detail
8. Recognising a writer’s opinions, attitudes and purpose
9. Following the development of an argument
10. Making inferences and implied meaning
11. Reading graphics
12. Discourse study (text and chapter structure, linking words, signpost expressions, identifying text structure, marking text structure)
Writing skills
1. Distinguishing between writing styles
2. The grammar of academic writing
3. The vocabulary of academic writing
4. The language of classification
5. The language of comparison and contrast
6. The language of definition
7. The language of generalization
8. Writing about events in time
9. Describing processes and products
10. The language of argument
11. The language of coherence and connection
12. Structuring a research report or paper

1 Improve your Skills for IELTS 4.5-6.0 Reading. Macmillan.

2 Improve your Skills for IELTS 4.5-6.0 Writing. Macmillan.