Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations


1. Nursing Preparatory School in English organizes and conducts courses in general and medical English, Polish, fundamentals of nursing, med-surg nursing and pediatric nursing in English.


2. The program finishes with an IELTS examination organized on site (paid additionally).


3. Credits for each of the courses included in the program are based on students’ attendance, participation, tests and assignments administered during the course and final tests (oral and written, depending on the type of the course).


4. At the end of the Course the participants shall receive a Certificate of Graduation from the Course. The Certificate will include information the list of Course subjects, the number of credit hours, attendance percentage and results.


5. Course participants are obliged to attend all lessons. In case of an absence it is necessary to consult with the teachers and make up for the missed material and assignments. If the absenteeism of a course participant exceeds 7 days in total (1 day = 7 hours) in a semester, this equals failing the course. Nursing Preparatory School in English will accept only doctor’s leaves confirming serious health problems or emergencies.


6. The program of the Nursing Preparatory School in English (800h) includes the following courses:

1. Fundamentals of nursing 80h
2. Med-surg nursing 60h
3. Pediatric nursing 40h

4. survival Polish 120h

5. IELTS 420h

×          IELTS course 180h

×          Listening&Speaking 120h

×          Reading&Writing 120h

6. Medical communication 80h

An academic hour lasts 45 minutes.


7. Course participants are obliged to attend all tests and examinations administered by the course teachers. If a student fails a test or examination, or is absent, one retake will be organized by the teacher responsible for the course in question.


8. Students are obliged to come to lessons on time and to be prepared, bringing with them materials used in the class. They are not allowed to photocopy books used during the course. Teachers are free to organize regular tests and surprise quizzes. Active participation in the lessons will be rewarded.


9. Cheating on tests, plagiarism and collusion are considered to be serious offences and will result in a failing grade for the assignment in question.


10. All matters not settled herein shall be resolved by the Head of the Centre for Foreign Languages at the Medical University of Warsaw.


11. Should a course participant fail to observe the Nursing Preparatory School in English Rules and Regulations, or cause discipline problems not mentioned in the present document, they can be suspended for two weeks and / or expelled by the Head of the Centre for Foreign Languages. The course fee will not be refunded.


12. Grading policy

91%-100% ------ 5 (very good)

86%-90,99% --- 4.5 (good plus)

80%-85,99% --- 4 (good)

70%-79,99% --- 3.5 (satisfactory)

60%-69,99% --- 3 (sufficient)

below 60% ------ 2 (failed)