Nursing Language Preparatory School

Nursing Language Preparatory School

The Medical University of Warsaw Nursing Language Preparatory School offers a language programme for nurses planning to relocate and start a career in European Union.

The 33-week (one academic year) intensive study programme encompasses 840 hours of instruction.



Hygiene and Epidemiology 30 h

Statistics and Medical Informatics 30 h

Medical Ethics with Elements of Philosophy 30 h

Foreign language in nursing 240 h

Giving reports 60 h

Medical communication 90 h

B1 TELC language test preparation 300 h:

Speaking 120 h

-          anamnesis/patient interview

-          discharge information

-          case presentation

Writing 120 h

-          anamnesis/admission report

-          biographical report

Reading&Listening 60 h

  • Reading comprehension of:

-          general emails

-          medical care plans

-          miscellaneous texts

-          semi-formal information texts

  • Listening comprehension of:

-          information in telephone conversations

-          everyday conversations

-          group discussions

-          various opinions on a given subject

Lexis 60 h

-          understanding cause and effect relationships in reports

-          applying professional vocabulary in reports


Admission requirements:

-          minimum B1 level of English

-          minimum A2 level of German

Application documents:

-          passport scan

-          scan of the candidate’s school of nursing certificate plus transcript of records


-          scan of the candidate’s Bachelor’s nursing diploma plus transcript of records

-          application form


IMPORTANT: Registration deadline has been extended until September 30th.

The total cost of the one-year course is EUR 4500.

The For further information please contact: or call: +48 606785511.

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