Nursing Preparatory School in English

Nursing Preparatory School in English

The Medical University of Warsaw Nursing Preparatory School in English offers a language programme for candidates planning to study Nursing in the European Union.

The 33-week (one academic year) intensive study programme encompasses 800 hours of instruction.


1. Fundamentals of nursing 80h
2. Med-surg nursing 60h
3. Pediatric nursing 40h
4. Survival Polish 120h
5. IELTS 420h
-          IELTS course 180h
-          Listening&Speaking 120h
-          Reading&Writing 120h
6. Medical communication 80h


Admission requirements:

-          minimum A2 level of English

Application documents:

-          passport scan

-          application form

The total cost of the one-year course is EUR 3000.

The Centre for Foreign Languages at the Medical University of Warsaw opens registration for the Nursing Preparatory School in English course beginning in October 2021.

For further information please contact: or call: +48 606785511.